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Drive units/ Portovibes/ Power floats/ Floor grinders/ Scarrifier Drive units & poker needles/ Portovibe/ Power Floats/ Floor grinders/ Scarrifier When it comes to concrete finishing we have the right equipment for the work you need to get done. Easy to use and up to date equipment in store Book It
Rollers / Double Drum Rollers / Walk behind rollers Boumag 65 & 75 Walk behind Rollers Perfect use for estate roads, agricultural roads, play grounds & sport facilities such as cricket pitches, foot paths / speed humps Book It
H/duty Breakers Hilti TE3000 Breaker For those concrete slabs, demolition on foundations-the break it through get the job done machine with it's self sharpening chisels & moils you can't go wrong Book It
Floor sander / Wooden decking finishing / home wooden floors Scorpion Ind Floor Sander Weighing less then just 50kg, ideal DIY machine for home,bedroom floors, wooden decks, offices and school hall floors Book It